Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hmm... beautiful eye candy for a Tuesday!

Recently, there was a post over at High-heeled Foot in the Door that got me thinking... she was talking about having beautiful Hermes boxes to decorate with and it made me remember about a beautiful post I once found that featured another beautiful box... from Laduree! I honestly can't remember where I saw this post but it made me fall in love... and I got a little hungry!

I wanted so bad to have one of those boxes... one for what's inside, but also because they are so simply beautiful. Not overdone, not too much just great to photograph... hope you enjoy this eye candy to get you to the middle of the week!


Source: found on my computer--anyone know where this is from??




  1. I LOVE this packaging too. I swear, I will totally fall for a product with great packaging every time...

    You might enjoy this post on a blog called French Blue that I found...

  2. Wow, I loved that! Thank you for sharing!!