Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday!

When I think of the Superbowl I think of Football Food! and commercials.... but most importantly the food! And the best food? Let me show you my fav line-up...

Chips and Salsa


Always a classic favorite and honestly, I just buy the chunky kind from a jar! You'd think I'd make my own since it's so simple--but I think it's even more simple to open a jar!


Sunny Anderson has great personality and style--I always watch her show! When I saw her make these wings a while back I knew they would be a MUST HAVE for the Superbowl!

Get the Recipe Here!

Really, how could you resist these? She makes them sweet and spicy with habanero, cayenne, brown sugar and honey!


And to round out the finish... well I did a little searching... I knew I wanted something sweet and something fun for a dessert--cookies and cakes have had way too much play time in our home the past few weeks. Of course Guy Fieri always has something with a little kick!

S'more Pizza
Get the recipe here and enjoy!


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