Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The things I regret...

Things I regret:

Finally! I promise these would come... because I feel it is best to be very honest about this. I think everyone has a few things they regret after such a big event... especially someone like me who has been planning her wedding since she was 5! And I know these things aren't horrible, trust me I absolutely LOVED my wedding day these are just little things that I want to get off my chest and well, it's my blog :)

Firstly... I really regret our Cake! We had a 'friendor' for our cake... well kind of. She was a friend of about 5 or 6 of our friends. And we didn't have a tasting, but before we decided to use her we saw a bunch of pictures of cakes she had made and it all looked amazing! So, we met, we planned, and I was very VERY specific. I mean I had drawings, pictures, a list, everything! But my cake turned out... not as perfect as I imagined. The colors were not the colors we spoke about, she made some kind of cake topper thing when I wanted my DIY cake topperfrom Goose Grease to be the shining star on my own wooden stand (which she didn't use and I honestly don't know where it is now. Oh and as you'll see the in pic below... the icing didn't cover well and there are spots where the cake shows through. And while she was a friendor of sorts I should note--we paid a big price (in money and other ways) for a cake I didn't like...


My mom really wanted us to do a toast and a cake cutting thing. Here's the thing--I didn't want that at all! Although my sister-in-law and brother got us some AMAZING toasting flutes, it wasn't something we planned on using. Even better once we finally said okay fine we'll do it, we get up to the cake and everyone is watching and waiting and my mom brings out apply juice and pours it and then we have to just wait and it was just... odd...

yes, beautiful.... but I wish it had been better planned, that's all I regret when it comes down to it, no planning

So that's it.... I know out of a whole day only two things I disliked! haha but overall, I'm happy to be married and I'm happy to be with my husband.... and I will be getting a new cake for our one year anniversary lol it's already planend :)

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