Tuesday, March 16, 2010

kitchens kitchens kitchens

So we're thinking about how we are going to update out kitchen.... we don't want to do too much for fear of really going too far compared to homes around us--and our kitchen has great bones! Here are a couple pictures for you to get an idea of how the kitchen looks... (note these photos are from when we bought the home, the decor belongs to the previous owners but the colors are still the same).

Here are our ideas.... I LOVE blue and white and have white curtains in there already so we want to do a nice glossy cobalt blue on top and white on the bottom with

new countertops courtesy of Ikea:

and new flooring to match the rest of the home...

and I really want this for our pots and pans.... from Crate & Barrell

What do you think? A little hard to manage but of course, living here, I can put it all together :)

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